«UniverseGood» is a service for creating websites, mobile applications, platforms, online stores, delivery stores, integration with banking systems and any types of online payments in any country in the world.

About restaurant (Delivery service)

All orders through UniverseGood are 100% paid, which allows the restaurant
  1. to reduce the risk of non-payment of the delivery bill.
  2. the hostess takes care of the guests and does not waste time accepting the order by phone.
  3. The order comes to the managers phones and the kitchen immediately starts to prepare it.
«UniverseGood» creates a website for your restaurant, which saves all the client details in your database. Providing service directly through UniverseGood, will allow you to save up to 20% of your costs for suppliers.

Increases your profit up to 20%
Provides a real-time stoplist
Immediately stops cooking the dish.
All dishes indicated on the site are updated regarding availability.

Business prosses automatization and increase income.
We also develop packing design if you need